environmental sustainability

A pressing Global concern

As our natural resources keep depleting at an alarming rate and the effects of global warming threaten our very existence, sustaining the environment for future generations is a pressing global concern. The subject is discussed threadbare on several global forums that draw up urgent action plans to conserve vital resources and maintain the delicate balance of our eco-system. For communities to be healthy, the need of the hour is clean air, natural resources, and a nontoxic environment that support a long-term ecological balance. The fundamental question is in what ways can individuals and businesses contribute to promoting environment sustainability? From recycling, to making informed choice, to minimizing waste, to cutting down utility bills, to adopting energy efficient methods, there are several options.

MGB Felicity Mall has instituted a number of measures towards environment sustainability‚ÄĒfrom rooftop solar panels that harness solar energy, to use of bio-degradable bags, LED lighting, energy efficient chiller system, and water recycling system. Automatic sensors fitted to escalators and travelators and an atrium that allows natural light to pass through generate substantial savings in electricity. We are firmly committed not to spare any effort toward preserving our planet, for us as well as our future generations.